Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj receiving Io Free Jones' portrait of him,  Bhagavan Adi Da in Dusty Rose , 2008

Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj receiving Io Free Jones' portrait of him, Bhagavan Adi Da in Dusty Rose, 2008


A few years ago I was gifted with one of Io Free Jones' portraits of Adi Da Samraj. I had seen this portrait and it stayed with me, the immediacy of feeling that it elicited, and the beauty of Adi Da that shone through every paint and fiber of her painting. For my birthday my friends and family came together to purchase a giclee of Io's painting for me. When I opened it I was overcome with feeling once again and reminded of just how "good" Io's paintings are. She has the unique ability to capture not only Bhagavan Adi Da's physical features, but also and most importantly the true heart-feeling of Him. She paints with skill, a refined aesthetic for the details of composition, color, skin tones, hair, eyes, clothing, each element of the work is painted with great care and comes together to create a work of mastery. This painting is in my bedroom and I like to spend time just looking at Adi Da radiant there, it is a powerful piece that draws me in everytime I look at it.  I treasure this piece, as a painting, and as a murti of Adi Da Samraj. I will always hang it somewhere honorable and value it as one of the finest things I own.

– Nara Wood

Io's art is beautiful! She simply feels and notices Bhagavan in a very direct way, and then her art is a response to that. It is like a conversation. She "listens" to Bhagavan visually, and then paints what His Body Communicates. So her portraits of Bhagavan are absolutely Murtis, full of detail and heart-feeling. It is wonderful to receive His Form in this way.

– Rachel Kuhn

The exquisite paintings of Io Free Jones are an incredible gift. They are so full of the intimate and heart-deep feeling of Bhagavan. You can feel that Bhagavan instilled in Io a wonderful ability to capture His Presence.

– Jonathan Condit

Dear Io,
I have one of your murti paintings in my bedroom. It is central to the room and it seems that everything else is placed or lives around it. It is so beautiful and alive that it brings everything else, including me, into it and into Adi Da Samraj. It is uniquely expressive of Him. Thank you very much for your dedication to creating these paintings. With love and gratitude.

– Anonymous

Io's paintings of Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj communicate His human and spiritual presence in a way that transcends even photographic representation.  He comes to life through her hand.  

– Stanley Hastings


Bhagavan Adi Da with Tiger Rug, 2005